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Bright Expressionism

The painting at my back is “Bright Nature”.

This painting is a milestone!

This is a perfect example of “Bright Expressionism”.

At the end of 2020, I felt the need for naming my style.

I’ve always called myself “impressionist” but the more I painted the more I realized I did fall into that category.

I wanted to be in full respect of the old masters and didn’t want to pretend I was something that I wasn’t.

I needed to find the meeting point between Impressionism and Expressionism, so I’ve coined the name Bright Expressionism.

BRIGHT EXPRESSIONISM is my style and I hope it would be of some inspiration for other artists too.

It is a new way of seeing art. Everything goes around emotions instead of perfection and realism, in my paintings, the shapes maybe aren’t perfect, the vanishing points aren’t perfect, and there is no realism at all… But the colors wheel is strictly followed and applied with discipline.

My way of choosing colors is never random it always comes from a lot of study and planning
The texture is another key element of my style.

The more texture I put on a painting the more I feel I can show my love to you all.

In the end, you will be touching the same chunky piece of paint that I’ve touched and applied and this to me means a deep spiritual connection between me and you!

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